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The following is a list of our most popular offerings. If you have something in mind that is not listed here please CONTACT US.

Real Colors

This temperament based personality assessment and companion team building created by NCTI is a foundational offering at IOD. Whenever possible, our work with clients using this powerful communication tool. Imagine the power of unlocking the secret to human behavior in just a few hours!

Coaching For Commitment (C4C™)

The C4C™ 2-Day Workshop is the cornerstone of IOD's offerings!  Based on the book, Coaching for Commitment (Ed. 3) this workshop will revolutionize the way you think about coaching! This is a completely interactive, participant-centered experience that focuses on the coach role.  From assessing your coaching skills to learning new ways to coach and teach coaching to others, the C4C™ Program is designed to help you achieve better results as a leader, manager, business owner, practitioner, administrator, employee, and coach! We recently added a 1-Day offering and we offer advanced C4C™ training as well as C4C™ facilitator certification (TTT) + coaching & consulting to facilitators. You can purchase the book from (affiliate) links on our HOME and COACHING pages. 

Extraordinary Leader: Executive & Leader Development

This popular executive leadership program is based on the book, The Extraordinary Leader by of Zenger-Folkman and includes the benefit of their 360-degree feedback tool as well as ongoing one-on-one coaching to take your leaders from good to great!

Values Workshops

Whether you are a team trying to create a shared vision or a family trying to determine your wealth legacy and governance strategy, values work is essential. Our values workshops help participants to identify both individual values and then work toward identifying a shared set of values for the group that all can agree on and work toward in the pursuit of goals. 

Family Meeting Facilitation

Money is still the #1 taboo topic to discuss in households. Do your children understand the purpose of your wealth and your vision for its continuance? Do they know your family's story or how the family business was started? Do they know what their inheritance means beyond money? If you're ready to lay the groundwork for your legacy or the legacy of your family business, let IOD help facilitate your next family retreat and provide you with tools for more effective communication, governance and understanding of the purpose of your family's wealth.

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