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Coaching For Commitment


C4C Updates from the Authors


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C4C Simplified from Apple Books


As you can see in the banner and just above this post, we have just published a NEW ebook in the C4C™ Series! COACHING FOR COMMITMENT SIMPLIFIED is available NOW on Apple Books! If you are facilitating a C4C program, This AFFORDABLE EBOOK is perfect for your C4C Participants. No more workbook needed!

Book Blurb:

Do you coach others? Are you a leader? Manager? Trainer? HR pro? Family influencer or do you own/run a family business? Do you want to improve your coaching and get better results from the people you coach? This supplement is a comprehensive companion-guide to the popular Coaching for Commitment (C4C™) book and coach training program. If you are already familiar with C4C, this will be a refresher, quick reference guide, and workbook. Think of it like CliffsNotes® for coaching! If you are not acquainted with C4C yet, this supplement as a stand-alone resource can provide you with great tips and tools for your own coaching success. 

Kindle editions may be available at a later date. 

Next up will be the C4C™ Coaching Skills Inventory, Edition 4 - We are looking into virtual vs. paper options. 



Yes! Our legal paperwork with Wiley for the copyright reversion is complete! We will be working diligently to re-self-publish C4C materials, beginning with a new supplement that can be used as a stand-alone or companion guide, for those of you who don't have access to the book currently. Then we will begin to re-publish Edition 3 materials (including CSI, Coaching Skills Inventory) now as Edition 4 and with lower prices!

Please be patient with us and CONTACT US if you need materials prior to these being published! 


Dear Users of C4C and IOD Clients & Friends:


First let us say that in this crazy time when the whole world is holding its collective breath, we wish you peace, health and safety for you and your family; as well as toilet paper! 🧻 Humor aside, we wish you the best during this challenging time. So many of you have touched us in so many ways over the years, and some of us haven’t connected in a while! The timing of this letter seems very trivial in comparison to what is happening in the world right now and yet, what better time to catch up on that long to-do list, than when we are all grounded? Thank you for your indulgence...


As users, fans and adopters of the Coaching For Commitment (C4C™) Program and/or partners of InsideOut Discovery™, Inc. (IOD), We are pleased to share with you some terrific news in regard to C4C! 


Since it was published in 2007, Wiley Publishing has owned all rights to our intellectual property, Coaching for Commitment, Edition 3, book, and peripheral materials including the CSI assessment.


In December, we began negotiations with Wiley to revert the copyright of ALL Coaching for Commitment, Ed. 3 materials back to us personally. We had attempted this process before and were unsuccessful, so quite frankly we never imagined that they would grant our wish... We were recently informed by Wiley that they have indeed agreed to revert the rights back to us. We are in a word, thrilled, as this has been a goal we have had for many, many years. 


As many of you know, in recent years we have scaled back our organizational development practice to a boutique firm, working with only a few select clients each year as we pursue other avenues in addition to IOD. Cindy is working in the Digital Storytelling space through her company, Coe2Go and Dr. Amy has garnered international attention working with families and women of significant wealth to help them better navigate the challenges that come from having abundant resources; and most recently was asked to speak at Yale! We are also in the process of transitioning to live in the Mountains of Colorado full-time. Even though we are very busy and moving in multiple directions, we are both still very committed to the values of IOD and C4C. 


That said, because we are very early in the rights reversion process, we are as of yet, undecided on how we will proceed with the content once we have it firmly back in our grasp. Our discussions have ranged from re-publishing the content as a self-published work, to revising and simplifying the content to make it more affordable and more easily accessible with fewer restrictions; to putting the assessment online, turning it into an app, or simply allowing it to gather dust. It is something we will deliberate on thoroughly before making a decision. In the meantime, this change in ownership means a lot of good things for you, the people who understand that C4C is timeless. 


This is what this transition means for you:

  • Your certification still counts! If you were certified in the program, you still are. And, we can still certify others.

  • The C4C coaching process (prism) model (indicom) and skills (clear) are as relevant now as they ever were. Use them, teach from them, live them. For now, when you do so, we simply ask that you credit us each by name and/or the company, InsideOut Discovery, Inc. when you do. All the heavy copyright restrictions from Wiley are reverted to us and our goal is to provide you with more access. 

  • The materials are/will go out of print and will no longer be available at Wiley or Online via Amazon and other outlets. Thus, you will no longer to be able to buy any parts of the program unless you do so resale. That is until such a time as we may re-publish. This is not a bad thing; Amy and I have been conducting the program without many of the published materials for years in order to save our clients money, and you can as well! 

  • We are always available to you. If you have any questions or concerns or need an hour of two of our time to re-strategize or re-frame your delivery or use of C4C without materials,, please get in touch. We would be happy to set up a consultation with you to help facilitate this effort. Mention coupon C4C30 for 30% Off of our standard consulting rate when inquiring.


We look forward to hearing about the legacy of C4C that you carry forward. If you have ideas or suggestions about what you’d like to see happen with the content, please send them our way. Click the LEARN MORE button to send us a note. 


Cindy & Amy

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