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InsideOut Discovery™, Inc. (IOD) is an international organizational development (OD) firm and the Home of Coaching for Commitment (C4C™), a popular coaching program. Our focus is Executive Coaching, Organizational/Leadership Development, Team Building and Family Business Consulting/Wealth Dynamics. Since 2002; this dynamic organization has served clients in a variety of industries.


Cindy Coe and Dr. Amy Zehnder are the heart of IOD. This dynamic duo believes in creating strong and lasting relationships with clients and they are well known for their creative, interactive, innovative and integrated approach to development. 


At IOD our goal is to create lasting partnerships of success without dependency. Being well-versed in a variety of OD, team and leadership models, we are qualified to incorporate a broad range of tools to meet the specific program needs of your organization, family or family business. We pride ourselves on understanding human behavior and family systems and strive to create learning experiences with lasting impact. Having an in-depth knowledge of some of the industry's most popular training programs, assessments and philosophies means we can blend your priorities into training and coaching that is timely and relevant to your needs and vision.


Cindy Coe with sparkle and thumbs up
Cindy Coe
President & CEO
IABMCP, C4C™ Master Coach

Cindy Coe is an experienced organizational development professional, executive coach, entrepreneur, author, communication expert, digital storyteller and former Fortune 500 Financial Services company learning and development leader.

She is the President & CEO of InsideOut Discovery, Inc., an international organizational development firm that specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, team building and family business consulting.


With over 30 years of combined experience and expertise, Cindy holds a Bachelors degree in Journalism/Communications and a teaching certificate in secondary education from Sam Houston State University. She is a graduate of Corporate Coach University International’s Advanced Corporate Coaching Program and is a recognized Coaching Diplomate by the International Association of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling & Psychotherapy. She is the author of the popular Coaching for Commitment (3rd Edition, Wiley) and it's companion Coach-Training Package. 

Cindy is certified/qualified in a variety of training programs ranging from leadership and coaching to human behavior and customer service, in addition to a number of assessment tools.

Cindy is truly organizational development's Jill of all trades and master of many! As a compelling keynote speaker, internet influencer, social media guru and former blogger, Cindy is an expert storyteller; AND in her capacity with IOD, she's even more adept at encouraging others to tell their stories, and helping them to achieve their goals by exploring their values and needs. 

Let Cindy's all about you approach inspire you to be the best you can be!


Connect with Cindy on LinkedIn


Need a Communication Expert, Digital Storyteller, Social Media Consultant or Website Designer? Cindy's got you covered there, too! Check out CoE2Go, a sister division of InsideOut Discovery, Inc. She’s your CoE2Gal! #WhatsYourStory?

Dr. Amy Zehnder with sparkles and thumbs up
Amy Zehnder, Ph.D.
EVP, Chief Learning Officer
PCC, CFBA, C4C™ Master Coach

As a founding partner, Dr. Amy Zehnder is the Executive Vice President and Chief Learning Officer for InsideOut Discovery, Inc. (IOD) an international organizational development firm.


Amy's work with IOD includes executive coaching, organizational development, executive and leadership development, succession planning and family governance work that focuses largely on family dynamics within family-owned businesses.

Amy stays busy with client work as she is also employed as a full-time internal consultant; Senior Vice President, Managing Director and Senior Strategic Wealth Coach for Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank. 

Amy brings over 30 years of experience and has been recognized repeatedly for her compelling vision, creative solutions and strategic thinking. She prides herself on helping clients achieve peace of mind in the areas of leadership and family wealth and meeting them where they are in their current reality. She has helped hundreds of leaders and many families to achieve exceptional results by working with them to improve their leadership effectiveness and tie personal goals and values to business objectives.


Amy has her Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, her Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) from the International Coach Federation and the prestigious Certified Family Business Advisor (CFBA) designation from the Family Firm Institute’s Global Education Network. She is the author of the popular Coaching for Commitment (3rd Edition, Wiley) and it's companion Coach-Training Package. 

Amy is certified/qualified in a variety of training programs ranging from leadership and coaching to sales and customer service, in addition to a number of assessment tools. 

Amy is a dynamic and engaging presenter as well as a phenomenal keynote speaker and facilitator!

Connect with Amy  LinkedIn.


IOD has worked with clients in the following areas:

  • Top Tier Fortune 500

  • Financial services

  • Oil & gas

  • Food service

  • Family business

  • Large corporations

  • Small to mid-sized companies

  • Sales organizations

  • Dealerships

  • Healthcare/hospitals

  • Manufacturing & construction

  • Technology

  • Real estate

  • Small business

  • Education & higher education

  • City, county, state and federal governments

  • Non-profits, churches & boards of directors

IOD provides the following services to its clients:


  • Organizational Development Consulting 

  • Executive Coaching

  • Executive & Leadership Development 

  • Family Business Consulting, Wealth Dynamics and Governance & Family Meeting Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning & Visioning Consulting

  • Coach Training 

  • Team Building & Simulations 

  • Real Colors Team Building

  • Facilitation 

  • Keynotes 

  • Assessments 

  • Values Work 

  • Customized Programs 

  • Instructional Design

  • HR/OD Project Management and Implementation 


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